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It slowly turned, like a wise old man. Ready to watch the dancers & keep the stories in its silver squares.

What is electronic music? 
How will it be remembered? 
What do our bodies' reactions to sound and rhythm tell us?


Silversquares is a project by a New York based artist Yuliya Skya. It is an ongoing account of electronic sound and rhythm, explored through photography and cinematography of party movements and nightclubs across the United States, Canada, and Europe. 

Yuliya is the photography director for several party movements in New York City, including Resolute and blk|market membership, and works on special EDM events with several venues including Pacha Nightclub and the legendary Cielo Nightclub. In 2012 Yuliya has directed the video for the Siberian techno producer Nina Kraviz’ song ‘Fire” , and has collaborated with Stereo Nightclub in Montreal, the New Museum on the Bowery, and artistically interpreted the cultures of Danny Tenaglia’s events, Insomniac, Victor Calderone, and various festivals. 

Skya works in the style of fine art photojournalism. She specializes in innovative documentation, and styling through composition of each shot and editing in postproduction. She hunts for the unique elements of the event, turning photos into works of art that narrate the events’ oftentimes multi dimensional stories and the mission behind them; be it the intimate private gatherings in a local lounge, tribes in the desert, or multi-stage several day festivals. Skya works with a team, oftentimes employing remote control cameras for aerial photography and external lighting.

Beyond creating music’s memoirs and reflecting the organizations’ futuristic endeavors the goal of Silversquares is to raise society’s awareness of electronic dance music, expose its distinctive qualities that are oftentimes hard to hear with the naked ear, and cross bridges between islands of classical, rock, pop and the infinity in between, to unite under the exceptional entity that is Sound.