“She is the underground Rukes!”

- Rob Fernandez, Pacha NYC


“Yuliya Skya ♥ Thank you Yuliya for these great stills.”

- Tommy Piscardelli, Stereo Montreal


“Big shout to New York. Thanks to blk|market membership and Yuliya Skya for the magic pictures!”

- Ben Klock, DJ


“Awesome pictures! Not only was a great night captured, but excellent use of 

highlighting effects and techniques.” - Richie Cuts 


“We can finally walk on Mars. Or, at least, Nina Kraviz wants us to. In the Siberian 

producer's new video for "Fire," she spends a lot of time getting real with herself 

as she walks across the red rock surface. Directed by Yuliya Skya, the beautifully

shot video is a soft and subtle exploration of the red planet, and hopefully, what 

we think it all means, man.” 

- Noisey, Vice